Why Reducing Food Waste Should be Everyone’s New Year’s Resolution

If you open your fridge right now and you make an inventory of food that’s been there for more than a week, how long will that list be? How many food containers inside your fridge are now showing signs of decay? How many of them can you not open for fear of a vomit-inducing smell?

All households in the entire planet are pretty much guilty of this. In the most recent Ted Talk video that I watched, the speaker who is a systems strategist revealed that a third of  all the food produced worldwide are wasted. They go to the landfill where they decay. And in the process, they emit greenhouse gases to our atmosphere. That means that wasting food has now become an environmental concern and not just a poverty or hunger issue.

With that, the world calls for an immediate action from different the heads of the countries down to every household in the community. Instead of waiting for the authorities to make laws against wasting food, why don’t we start reducing our food waste through simple efforts that we can do right now? Here are some of the simplest.


Stick a food inventory on the fridge

Since we’re all guilty of filing up every empty space of our fridge with unnecessary grocery items, it’s about time we put a visible reminder of our refrigerator’s content. Sure it takes time but that’s a little effort that we can give to help reduce the global food waste.

After shopping for groceries, list down all the items that you’ll put inside the fridge and those that you will store in your kitchen cabinets. Draw a small box beside each item and check it when you consume the item. For a better fridge management, write the expiration date of the items that expire in a short period of time so you’ll be reminded to consume them when the date approaches.

With an inventory like this stuck in the fridge door, you’ll be conscious of the volume of food you’re still keeping inside. Hopefully, it will encourage you to consume them before they rot.


Make an assessment of your grocery shopping habit

When making a food inventory becomes a habit, it won’t be hard to have an assessment of your grocery shopping attitude. It’s a familiar scenario to swear that we need this much grocery items only to find them in the fridge unconsumed and nearly rotten a month after.

This is a bad habit that we need to stop right now. Assess just how much food you actually consume in a period of time and revisit how much of them you have wasted for that period. Use this assessment before shopping for food.


Bake them into desserts

Studies show that vegetables and fruits are the most wasted food all over the planet. Stop this from happening inside your home. Bake your leftover carrots into carrot cakes, your bananas into muffins, and your potatoes into salads. There are so many quick videos online that can teach you how to make minute-baked goodies like these!


The Juicing Challenge

Speaking of vegetables and fruits, there is no better way to go healthy than today! Not only will you help yourself get into shape but you’ll help the world reduce food waste too. If you’ve shopped for more vegetables or fruits than needed for your recipe, dunk them into the juicer to make healthy drinks that you can sip anytime!


Give them away!

Every month end, check the items in your inventory that you don’t think you can consume before they expire and give them away to neighbors, friends, colleagues at work, and charities.

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