How to Add Meaning to a Funeral Program

Let’s admit it. Nobody in the family would want to plan for and arrange the funeral of a loved one.

It’s painful and it’s hard to set aside the emotional distress of what just happened. But someone has to do it, and difficult as it may seem, it has to be done excellently. A funeral ceremony is the first time to show honor to the departed by coming together as family and friends to commemorate his or her goodness. Therefore, we must strive hard to add meaning to this event.

We understand that it’s easier said than done. That’s why we are here to help you plan the funeral  of your departed loved one by giving you tips on how to make it more meaningful. Begin reading anytime you’re ready.


Personalize the casket

As funeral services get less traditional, personalized caskets start to enter the scene too. You can request for this kind of casket from companies offering Christian funeral services, since this kind of service is more customizable than the others.


Think of creative keepsakes

While some religions stick with the traditional program where keepsakes are out of the question, you can follow a less rigid approach where keepsakes are given. If some of the guests have a superstitious belief that it’s not a good idea to bring something from the funeral to their homes, you don’t need to give a keepsake to them. Better have a dedicated space in the venue where those who want to get the item can voluntarily do so.


Go creative with the program

Instead of the usual funeral program that follows a strict order with only a few parts, you can go creative. Add a song number, an interesting speech, or a video presentation. Just make sure you have checked these performances and presentations before the actual funeral program. See to it that none of them are offensive to any religion, race, or belief.


Display happy pictures of the departed in one dedicated space

Instead of the plain white walls of the venue, turn it into something more lively by having a corner with the beautiful pictures of the departed. A funeral program should be a commemoration of how well that person lived his life. It’s just fitting to remember him through photos where he is happy, smiling, and rejoicing.


Choose lively colours for the flowers

The same reason applies to our suggestion that funeral flowers should not be limited to white, red, or purple. There’s a wide array of colors out there like pink, blue, peach, orange, and a lot more. Don’t be afraid to play with colors on a funeral, provided, of course, that it’s totally fine with the whole family of the departed.


Candles can be customized too!

Speaking of playing with colors and being creative, you can opt to customize the candles too. Embed quotations, encouraging statements, and comforting words on the candles to lighten up the funeral ceremony.


Have as many eulogies as possible

Extend the list of people making eulogies. Family members are the only ones who can give eulogies to the departed. There may be close friends and peers at work who want to share their good memories about the departed. Allow them to express their gratitude and commemoration speeches to the crowd.


Get a little grand with fireworks

If you have enough funds for this, do a fireworks display as a dramatic end to a funeral program. After the ceremony, eulogies, and other parts of the program, you can request all the guests to go out of the venue into an open field and watch fireworks in memory of the beloved deceased.

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